Our Mission

Our Mission

The Future Forum Foundation explores and uncovers key issues that impact millennials as they take on more responsibility in the workforce and more leadership in their communities. The Future Forum Foundation provides companies, organizations, government leaders and other like-minded people a platform to explore and understand these changing dynamics. The mutual aim is to understand the issues, identify solutions and help bridge the gap between millennials and baby boomers in our economy, society and government.

  • "I think a big part of what needs to happen across the board is we need some fresh blood, we need new people, new energy," @patrickmurphyfl told @businessinsider in a new article about the launch of #FutureForum. Young Democratic leaders of Congress are joining together to tackle the issues that matter to millennials.
  • Future Forum Foundation has officially launched! Our mission is to advocate for issues that are most important to millennials in Congress. "This swiss army knife is getting more and more tools to help young people," @repswalwell said of the new foundation. "That shows that young leaders are on the rise in and out of congress" (quoted from @businessinsider )
  • Today, #FutureForum launches with the mission of tackling issues that millennials care about the most. As the next generation of young Democratic leaders, we plan to engage directly with millennials in order to generate policy solutions. "I think groups like this will help — new leaders will rise from this. When there is new blood and new leadership I think some folks will come from this group," explained @patrickmurphyfl
  • #FutureForum members meet with @mcuban to discuss how we can tackle the decline in millennial entrepreneurship.
  • #FutureForum wants to hear directly from American millenials! It's critical that as Members of Congress we listen and engage with them to solve their issues head on.
  • Millennials are the future of our nation. That's why #FutureForum is fully committed to listen and stand up for the next generation of Americans!
  • Congressman Eric Swalwell from California's 15th district, Chair for #FutureForum
  • Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett from the Virgin Islands, member of #FutureForum
  • Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy from Florida's 7th district, New Member Vice-Chair for #FutureForum
  • Congressman Ruben Gallego from Arizona's 7th district, Communications Vice-Chair for #FutureForum

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