I saw it, and I clicked on it. I couldn’t help it. It had the word “millennial” in the headline, and I am one of those: a millennial. So I had to click. It was about me, personally. Because I, personally, am a millennial. And millennials, research shows, are the first generation in history to inspire think pieces about millennials.

It wasn’t since the last time I’d read a think piece about millennials (Thursday) that I’d thought about what makes our generation unique. We weren’t allowed to roam free as children; we only did activities as teen-agers to get us into college; and we entered the workforce during the Great Recession. Upon reading the latest think piece about millennials, I really got to thinking about the fact that I wasn’t allowed to roam free as a child; I only did activities as a teen-ager to get myself into college; and I entered the workforce during the Great Recession. These things made me who I am: a completely unique individual, part of a completely unique generation—millennial.

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