Baby boomers sometimes believe millennials are entitled and lazy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Millennials have entered a professional world where their realities are wildly different from the ones Boomers knew. They prioritize things that don’t make sense to boomers because their environment has different demands.

For example, millennials expect to be fired or let go regularly, so they want work that is directly in line with their own career equity, which are the skills and experiences that help them improve their career prospects. They know their time is limited, so they don’t invest in doing things outside their own path. Boomers, however, are used to working hard for a company in exchange for long-term investment in skills development and for security, like a retirement fund or pension.

But employment security and long-term investment no longer exist in the modern working world. So what are millennials working for?

Having worked extensively with millennials at my companies…

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